Janet comes round in a strange hotel room, her memory almost erased by a drug and alcohol fuelled binge from hell. Unsure which hotel or even which city she’s in and no idea how she came to be there. She is not alone; there is a dead man laying next to her. And there are some eye opening surprises awaiting her in the room. Surprises which will lead her to abandon her life as a successful banker and plunge her head first into the unspoken world of stolen art.

She inadvertently stumbles into a dangerous game of cat and mouse crossing the paths of thieves, thugs and oligarchs that will take her from Glasgow to Edinburgh and onto Barcelona and the Cote d’Azur. During her journey, she will unlock the secret to the location of the most infamous and valuable stolen painting in the world. But there’s a high price to pay for such knowledge and riches as the super wealthy who inhabit this secret world are not prepared to give it over without a fight to the death.

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Arty, sexy, page turner - keeps you hooked

Sam Burgess

If you enjoy great plots, this is a book for you

Karen Johnson

An Author to be watched! Well written, exciting and thrilling!!

Sally Somerville

Action-packed thriller that moves along as fast as the Lamborghini-driving heroine

Catherine McGrath